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IELTS Speaking How to engage band 9

by Ismoil Safarov,


Part 1 begins with some general introductory questions. This is followed by some questions on personal information similar to the type of questions one would ask when meeting someone for the first time. Finally, the examiner will ask a series of questions on topics of general interest. (4-5 minutes)

Part 2 is a monologue by the candidate. The examiner will give the candidate a card with a subject and a few guiding        questions on it. The candidate must talk for 1to 2 minutes on this    subject excluding an optional 1minute’s preparation for his talk. After this talk, the examiner will ask 1 or 2 brief questions in order to finish off the section. (3-4 minutes)

Part 3 is a discussion. The examiner will ask some more questions generally related to the subject spoken about in Part 2. These questions will be more demanding and require some critical analysis on the part of the candidate. (4-5 minutes)