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IELTS – Write Right

by Hội các sĩ tử luyện thi IELTS,


You might be a little confused about what the IELTS writing band scores actually mean. What does it mean to get 6 in writing? How do examiners decide what score to give you? If your grammar is good, but your spelling is bad, what score will you get? There is no easy answer to any of these questions. However, to help you understand a little more about the IELTS marking system, the following have been included. They are the public versions of the British Council/ IDP Australia/ University of Cambridge Writing T1 and 2 band descriptors.

The language in the descriptors is hard to understand, and the difference between different band scores is not always clear (even to native English speakers). However the important thing to remember is that the IELTS examiners will check the following four aspects of your writing:

1. Task achievement: Did you answer the question that they asked you or did you talk about something else?

2. Coherence and cohesion: Does your writing make sense? Is your essay logically organised at the sentence, paragraph and whole text level?

3. Lexical resource: Do you use a wide range of vocabulary accurately and appropriately? Do you spell correctly?

4. Grammatical range and accuracy: Do you use many different sentence structures or do you always use the same ones? How often do you make mistakes with your grammar?